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Novel Health Strategies is celebrating the seventh year of its thought leadership in healthcare, with the recent publication in Nature Biotechnology, called 'What's fueling the biotech engine'.

The strong foundation of thought leadership has enabled the Novel Health Strategies team to develop innovative, effective and efficient solutions for several drug and device manufacturers.

These publications are the best examples of our team's strategic thinking, knowledge, quality and depth of our work.


This article is an annual and recurring series published in Nature Biotechnology since 2006. The article provides strategy overview on clinical, HEOR, sales, pricing, reimbursement, regulatory trends and competitive dynamics for more than a hundred specialty biologics.

This study is the result of more than ten years of cumulative research, analyses and interviews with various stakeholders.

This series has been cited and quoted by more than four hundred peer-reviewed publications and agencies (FDA, EMA and others)

Latest Overview on Biotech Industry Trends:

What's Fueling the Biotech Engine-2012 to 2013

Biologics sales grew at an incredible rate during the past 18 months, especially when compared with pharmaceuticals. But with pressure on pricing and biosimilars looming, how long will it be until biologics' last hurrah?

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