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During 2010-2013 major healthcare reforms and changes were proposed and implemented in a number of nations, for example, Affordable Care Act in the United States, Arzneimittelmarktneuordnungsgesetz (AMNOG) in Germany, HSPT in France, KVG in Switzerland and NHS proposed reform in the UK. These reforms have significant implications on pricing, market access and HEOR strategy for drug and device products. Join us for a live webinar for discussion on the following topics:

What are the recent changes in the global healthcare landscape? What major reforms have been implemented and proposed?
Understanding Coverage, Access and Payment trends for drugs and devices
Pricing dynamics in Europe, US and emerging markets
Methodologies for conducting pricing research (Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, Brand Price Trade off)
How to develop US and global pricing strategy
Understanding US and global payer coverage trends for drugs and devices
Types of clinical and HEOR data required by various stakeholders
Case studies on market access of recently approved rare disease products
Novel Health case studies from developing US and global market access strategy (infectious disease and inflammation products)

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Note: Due to proprietary data analyses in this webinar this presentation can be requested only for in-person live replay